4 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Ar t, INTERIOR-ITY, Special Project, Moskau, 2011

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This work is an attempt to visually recreate that suspended, delicate and bright feeling about viewing the world, which we encountered in our childhood. A familiar radio slogan from childhood is: “Moscow time is 15.00. It is midnight in Petropavlovsk-Kamtschatskij.” It was always night in Petropavlovsk-Kamtschatskij. This enchanting faraway place and the regular repetitions created the fairytale world of a kingdom “far, far away” in the child’s imagination where the starlit sky is always overhead. In the course of the project, every day precisely at 15.00 Moscow time a fax is sent with a photo of a starlit sky. The fax photos are fixed to an exhibition wall in a simple pattern, so that an entire wall picture emerges at the end of the project. Thanks to the minimal deviations sending and printing the fax photos, one and the same image and different print saturation grades are achieved.